43. Harry Leyland
Blackburn Rovers
44. Tommy Banks
Bolton Wanderers and England
45. Brian Pilkington
Burnley and England
46. Bill Perry
Blackpool and England
47. Ernie Taylor
Sunderland and England
48. George Cummins
Luton Town and Eire
49. Jimmy Harris
50. Bobby McKinlay
Nottingham Forest
51. Peter McCall
Bristol City
52. John Elsworthy
Ipswich Town
53. Dennis Viollet
Manchester United and England
54. Bob Cairns
Stoke City
55. Willie Cunningham
Preston North End and Scotland
56. Clice Colbridge
Manchester City
57. Dennis Uphill
58. Peter Broadbent
Wolves and England
59. Graham Leggat
Fulham and Scotland
60. Edwin Holliday
Middlesbrough and England
61. Neil Mochan
Celtic and Scotland
62. Sammy Baird
Rangers and Scotland
63. Ron Moran
64. Alan Hodgkinson
Sheffield United and England
65. Eric Caldow
Rangers and Scotland
66. Gordon Marshall
67. Tommy Bryceland
St. Mirren
68. Peter Dobing
Blackburn Rovers
69. Maurice Setters
Manchester United
70. Pat Saward
Aston Villa and Eire
71. Tom McAnearney
Sheffield Wednesday
72. Bob Morton
Luton Town
73. Jimmy Adamson
74. Stan Matthews
Blackpool and England
75. Dick Keith
Newcastle United and Ireland
76. Joe Kennedy
West Bromwich Albion
77. Derek Hogg
West Bromwich Albion
78. Brian Harris
79. Dave McLaren
Plymouth Argyle
80. Roy McCrohan
Norwich City
81. George Showell
82. Geoff Twentyman
83. Eric Kerfoot
Leeds United
84. Checklist