1.  Joe Baker
Arsenal and England
2. Derek Dougan
Aston Villa and Northern Ireland
3. Malcolm Beard
Birmingham City
4. Bryan Douglas
Blackburn Rovers and England
5. Jimmy Armfield
Blackpool and England
6. Bryan Edwards
Bolton Wanderers
7. Jimmy Adamson
8. Frank Blunstone
Chelsea and England
9. William Humphries
Coventry City and England
10. Geoff Barrowcliffe
Derby County
11. Mike O'Grady
Huddersfield Town and England
12. Billy Bremner
Leeds United
13. Gordon Banks
Leicester City and England
14. Cyril Lea
15. Dave Hollins
Newcastle United and Wales
16. Tony Hateley
Notts County
17. Peter Grummitt
Nottingham Forest
18. Len Allchurch
Sheffield United and Wales
19. John Fantham
Sheffield Wednesday and England
20. Danny Blanchflower
Tottenham Hotspur and N. Ireland
21. Stan Anderson
Sunderland and England
22. Clive Clark
West Bromwich Albion
23. Peter Brabrook
West Ham United and England
24. Chris Crowe
Wolves and England
25. George Cohen
26. Peter Dobing
Manchester City
27. Bobby Charlton
Manchester United and England
28. Gordon Jones
29. Terry Allcock
Norwich City
30. Bill Baxter
Ipswich Town
31. Ollie Hopkins
Peterborough United
32. John Gordon
33. David Burnside
34. Tony Allen
Stoke City and England
35. Alex Young
Everton and Scotland
36. George Eastham
Arsenal and England
37. John Sleeuwenhoek
Aston Villa
38. Mike Hallawell
Birmingham City and England
39. Mike England
Blackburn Rovers and Wales
40. Tony Waiters
41. John Connelly
Burnley and England
42. Peter Bonetti
43. John Sillett
Coventry City
44. Ray Young
Derby County
45. Les Massie
Huddersfield Town
46. John (Jack) Charlton
Leeds United
47. Frank McLintock
Leicester City
48. Bobby Mason
49. Barry Thomas
Newcastle United
50. Bert Loxley
Notts County
51. Trevor Hockey
Nottingham Forest
52. Billy Hodgson
Sheffield United
53. David Layne
Sheffield Wednesday
54. Jimmy Greaves
Tottenham H. and England
55. Checklist
Manchester United